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Welcome to our world... Where even the dog's favourite place is the kitchen

Hungry? We are, almost always. Bored? We are, fairly regularly. So we're cooking. And eating. And sharing it with whoever may be interested! From dinner table dreams to reality. Join us, and keep in mind:

  • For Food/recipe reviews: we use a highly sophisticated 5-chicken rating system

  • For the Vibes tab: you will find shows, movies, music, and pretty much anything that offers entertainment value

  • For Blog posts: from here on in, we are blogging separately, since A) we could barely agree on what to put in this introductory post, and B) we figure, our audiences might differ slightly

Our organization of content and pages is evolving (to keep you on your toes... Or just because we are blogging-newbies).


Claire and Momy

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1 Comment

May 21, 2020

Ver-ry exciting! Can’t wait to see what’s cookin’!! After a 4hr run in the sun today I need to replenish SALT & protein and loads of water so here’s my first simple ‘fix’ meal for that 🤪.. and after that ,,? I’ll be checkin’ back in here for ideas LOL

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