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Two women in the kitchen - never a good idea. Sometimes bums collide. And still we soldier on to cook, laugh, and try to look at the wry side of life.

Claire (20 going on 35) and Momy (50 going on 25) are actually a mommy and me from Toronto, ON. Our chronic companions are a blind senior dog (aka Ms. Cheeky) and a senior citizen (aka Oma). You'll figure out the rest when you read our blog.

This pandemic lockdown is making us stir-crazy so we thought to share a laugh and some of our favourite things on - what else? Social media. Embrace the future, chickens.

To be clear, most of our food posts are reviews of recipes, with tweaks we feel make them better. Still, we will always include links to the original chefs. Unsponsored and honest, if we tell you we like something it will be because it genuinely tickled our fancy.

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